NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips [A better alternative to the cream?]

For Scar Managment – 1″ x 6″ Strips Clear (4 per box)

NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips for Scar Managment - 1' x 6' Strips Clear (4...
68 Reviews
NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips for Scar Managment - 1" x 6" Strips Clear (4...


  • Clinically proven to help fade, flatten, and soften scars
  • Self-adhesive and reusable
  • Medical grade silicone gel strips for scar management

It is clinically proven that if a wound is kept well moisturized and covered all the time, the tendency to leave a bad scar decreases. Most scar medications have this exact purpose – to keep the skin deeply hydrated for as long as possible.

Recent studies show that silicone gels and scar removal strips accelerate wound healing and form scars that are physiologically and aesthetically more acceptable. It is supposed that their effect is due to the reduction of evaporated water through the epidermis. Moisture turns out to be a key factor in the rapid and effective healing of wounds. Keeping a wound well hydrated reduces the risk of keloid scar formation by normalizing the growth of connective tissue.

NewGel+ Medical grade silicone gel scar removal strips are suitable for application on all types of scars and burns. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the wound should have completely healed. The strips can be applied to all body parts (including the breasts, extremities, ears, nose, abdomen).

The medical grade silicone in the gel strips is proven to be non-toxic and non-irritating. It is safe for use on children and adults as well as on all skin types. It is also biocompatible and does not absorb into the skin.

Each product contains 1″ x 6″  (4 per box) Strips Clear for scar management.

What are the pros and cons of NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips?


  • The product is clinically proven to help flatten and fade scars
  • It can be used on older and newer scars
  • Suitable for all types of scars
  • Silicone strips are recommended in the International Scar Treatment Guidelines to help prevent abnormal scar formation after surgery or injury
  • A visible improvement can be seen in 3 to 7 weeks (individual results vary, depending on the skin type, characteristics and severity of the wound; scar removal usually requires a prolonged treatment)
  • The product is self-adhesive and reusable
  • Contains no latex, made in the USA


  • This treatment method can be used as soon as the wound has completely healed (sutures removed, no scabbing or oozing)
  • The silicone strips should be worn 6 to 24 hours per day, every day in order to obtain optimal results
  • So far, there is no product or procedure available that can 100% remove all evidence of a scar, so you should have realistic expectations

Are NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips good?

The truth is that the number of customers who shared their experience with the product is very low, which makes it quite difficult to define whether it is effective or not. What intrigued us the most was the medical grade silicone, supported by multiple clinical studies.

However, even the very few comments available seem somewhat disturbing – the silicon strips do not have a very positive reputation among customers.

Good news is that the ones who are satisfied with their results saw a visible improvement in their scars in a very short period of time.

what is it made of

  • Medical Grade Polymerized Siloxanes (Silicone Gel) – also called dimethicone and is one of several types of silicone oil, this is an ingredient preventing water loss by forming a hydrating barrier on the skin; it is widely used in cosmetics due to its beneficial properties when applied to the skin; non-toxic ingredient
  • A clear polyurethane backing – polyurethane is a plastic material, which exists in various forms; very flexible

How to apply NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips?

First, wash carefully and dry thoroughly the affected area. The directions suggest cutting the NewGel+ to a correct size (if needed) so that the NewGel+ extends beyond the area to be treated.

Peel off the release the liner and apply NewGel+ “adhesive side” down, directly on the scarred area. You can continuously wear the silicone strips in order to obtain best results. Improvement may be seen within 3-4 weeks.

The complete treatment period takes 3-6 months. NewGel+ can be washed and dried before reapplication. The strips should be replaced if it begins to deteriorate or will not stick.

Do NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips really work?

The positive reviews report about promising results, but the negative ones (around 40% of all) are quite demotivating and should be taken into account. This is why we are going to start with them:

  • There’s a customer who received a defective product and was unpleasantly surprised by the company ‘no return’ policy:

Product was received with the sticker seal broken and product box half open with some debris on the silicone. I highly doubt the authenticity of this product and recommend only purchasing from the NewGel website. There is a no returns policy on this prime product.

  • Another customer reports that the strips do not stick well to the skin:

Needed for chin and neck. Strips are too thick. Won’t adhere to clean, non oily skin, fall off and get lost.

  • Here’s what another dissatisfied customer says:

Before I started using this my wound was healing fine and totally closed. After a week of using this 6 hrs a a day, My wound started to smell funny and then turned frothy. Now I have a big hole and will likely require new stitches.

Still, there are a lot of positive comments as well – let’s check the most important ones:

  • Someone used the silicone strips due to a serious intervention and is very happy with the results obtained:

I had a thyroidectomy in January 2016. There was thickening in the scar and I tried the silicone gel without much change. My physician gave me a sample of this product and after using it for a few days I was seeing some improvement. I purchased this and have been using the patch at night for about 4 weeks. The thickening is almost completely resolved.

  • Another customer is quite satisfied with the adhesive capacity of the scar removal strips:

 It’s adhesive enough that you can leave it on for several days (even taking a shower with it on) and it stays put.

  •  A lady says the product works as promised:

This product does what it says it will do! Takes some time, but my scar is almost gone!

  • Here’s a customer who answered the question”Which is more effective, the strips or gel?”

The strips worked so much better for me. I started with the gel for two months on two scars from a mole removal on my face. The wore the gel religiously and after two months, the scars were still very visible. I switched to the strips and within a few days the scars were flattening out and the color was starting to be more consistent with my skin tone.

In-depth analysis of the reviews available

In order to provide the most accurate information, we have analyzed the credibility of all the reviews available for this product via Fakespot, an analyzer of fake Amazon reviews. We wanted to find out what real users are saying about it.

The technology we used analyses millions of reviews, checking for suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews.

Below’s the result of NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips:

NewGel+ Strips Reviews Analysis

How much does NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips cost?

Comparing to similar products for scar removal, the price of this one can be considered acceptable – the product is neither cheap nor expensive.

The product can be purchased Online or from a pharmaceutical store (Online is usually cheaper).

NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips for Scar Managment - 1' x 6' Strips Clear (4...
68 Reviews
NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips for Scar Managment - 1" x 6" Strips Clear (4...


  • Clinically proven to help fade, flatten, and soften scars
  • Self-adhesive and reusable
  • Medical grade silicone gel strips for scar management

NewGel+ Silicone Gel Strips alternatives

You don’t want to use silicone strips? Then don’t do it – there are so many alternatives, aiming to improve the condition of your scars. There is a wide range of different options for you – gels, creams, lotions, ointments etc.

We would like to help you find the formula, which will meet your needs, this is why we provided a list (below) with some of the products with great Online reputation:

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