What is Fakespot?

Have you ever felt betrayed and disappointed after ordering products on the Internet?

For instance, you read an awesome review of an electronic device you wanted to buy for a long time. You click on the link and start reading the reviews, which are supposed to be written by real customers.

It all looks fine – everybody says how great this product is and how you should definitely have it.

At first, it looks like you’ve finally found what you were looking for. Logically, click on ‘Order now’.

Then, you receive your delivery, all happy and full of hope…

But it turns out that the electronic device you’ve ordered has nothing to do with the amazing description on the product page or the positive reviews you read.

What actually happened? Unfortunately, most of those reviews we see online are fake – posted by bots or written by people who are paid to write similar patterned texts, regarding the great value of a particular item.

So, after receiving the item, you have 2 options:

  • If you are patient and optimistic enough, you contact the online retail store, asking for a refund
  • If you have encountered similar situations before and feel hopeless, you end up accepting the fact that you have just thrown some money in the trash

You are not happy with your experience in either case, as you have spent some precious time and money, while you face some negative emotions and, probably, stress.

The sad truth is that this happened to most of us. And that’s the reason why we are doing our best to change that.

What is Fakespot and how can it help me?

The moment we heard about Fakespot, we got very excited, as this platform will additionally help our readers become aware of the actual performance of a particular product. This is why we checked every skincare product so you can be aware of the authenticity and credibility of the reviews, written about  it.

This is the most reliable option to find out what real users are saying about the product you intend to buy.

The in-depth analysis of the reviews available uses the technology that analyses millions of reviews, checking for suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews.

Fakespot works with patented algorithms that check for patterns to filter out those reviews that appear unreliable.

The results you get are as follows:

  • A – the product reviews are very genuine and reliable
  • B – almost all reviews are written by real people, there are just a couple reviews that Fakespot found suspicious
  • C – most reviews are genuine, but there’s a considerable number of unreliable comments
  • D – almost half of the reviews are not genuine
  • F – more than 50% of the reviews are fake or suspicious

How does Fakespot work

This will make your online shopping experience as safe and trustworthy as possible.

Note that the platform works with multiple e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora, Steam, and Walmart – you can check your further purchases and see if their reviews are genuine.

About the author

Monika Hristova

Monika is the Editor-in-Chief at SkinPractice. She is a skin care addict and researcher, who feels strongly about helping people with different dermatology conditions from alopecia to warts.

You can read her recommendations and advice both here at SkinPractice or at Quora where she answers skincare-related questions frequently and is the most viewed author in the Skincare category with more than 3 million views or follow her on LinkedIn.

She is also a certified skin care specialist with certification from the Medical College in Sofia.

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