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About SkinPractice

Choosing what’s best for my skin was always hard, this is why I decided to create this cosmetic blog where I started sharing my beauty finds and top picks and helpful reviews.

Over time, with the undeniable help of other beauty addicts, we started growing bigger and managed to cover many topics, helping many to improve their skincare routines. People with different skin concerns shared their experience with various products and their feedback contributed to our mutual growth and improvement.

SkinPractice is where you can find researched, tested and proven information about beauty products, detailed cosmetic reviews, tips, and tricks on how to take the best care of your skin.

All reviews on this website are straightforward, with clear and simple explanations and exemples.

On SkinPractice you can find complete ingredient lists of the most exciting beauty products we carefully picked for you. This will help you make informed decisions and have real expectations about the cosmetics you’ve chosen and will save you both precious time and money.


Using the right cosmetic products keeps your skin youthful, flawless and radiant for as long as possible. The mission of this blog is to help you find the answers of beauty-related questions, choose what’s good for your skin type, and guide you throughout your beauty journey!

We all know that everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs – this is why it is so important to adjust your beauty routine to your own skin characteristics.

About our Editor

Monika Hristova Editor

I’m Monika Hristova and I’m the owner, creator and editor-in-chief of SkinPractice.

I’m interested in researching beauty products and other cosmetic-related stuff. Connecting with other beauty addicts and sharing knowledge and tips helped me a lot during my skincare journey, which started 5 years ago. And it appears that my passion is contagious.

I’m active on Quora with more than 4k followers and 6 million content views.

I’m currently attending cosmetology courses taught by some of the most qualified specialists in the field.

I graduated the Sofia University in 2014 (Bachelor’s degree) and the University of National and World Economy in 2016 (Master’s degree).

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    About & Contact
    Our mission is to provide in-depth information based on cosmetic research and clinical trials only and we always include references to those research papers that are backed with data.
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