Home Remedies


Home-made facial, hair, and body masks, scrubs and ointments are somewhat forgotten. Whether because we do not have time, or maybe the cosmetic industry makes it way easier, the truth is that we have various options for simple, yet really effective recipes. What is more, most of the products needed can be found in your kitchen!

So, if you want something really good for our face, hair, or body – there is no better choice than a home prepared mixture, containing natural ingredients, without all the chemicals in the over-the-counter products.

Below you can find multiple recipes for the successful treatment of various skin conditions. Keep it simple – this is the idea behind the simple mixtures, which will provide with the benefits your skin always needed!

In order to help you find the best homemade recipe for you, we have collected different masks, exfoliants, balms, shampoos, foot soaks and many others in one place.
Choose yours and take care of yourself!

Here you can find all our skin- and hair care recipes made by household items.




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