The best essential oils for reducing scars

Scar reducing essential oils are often a preferred option for patients thanks to the rich nourishing ingredients in them. They are easily absorbed by the skin, keep the area well moisturized for a prolonged period of time while stimulating the skin cell renewal.

The best essential oils for reducing scars

Which are the best essential oils for scars?

Scar treatment oils, just like scar creams, are good for evening out the skin tone –  massaging the damaged area on a regular basis will eliminate the redness and inflammation and will make the scarring less visible until it completely fades.

We have selected the best essential oils for scars with clinically proven wound-healing effects.

Pur360 Tamanu Oil

Pure Cold Pressed

Pur360 Tamanu Oil
1,897 Reviews
Pur360 Tamanu Oil


  • Naturally derived, 100% pure Tamanu Oil
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Proven the most effective in the treatment of acne scars

Tamanu oil is a rich, dark green luxurious oil, derived from the nut kernels of Tamanu nut tree. This substance has a proven healing effect on the damaged skin tissue, promoting the regrowth of new, healthier skin cells.

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Pur360 Tamanu Oil strong anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the chances of infections.

Pur360 Tamanu Oil is certified USDA-organic, which means that the product is produced through approved technologies, conserving biodiversity and using approved substances only. [3]

People apply Tamanu oil on all types of scars, saying that the regenerative effect can be easily observed within a short period of time.

Many found this scar ointment effective for the treatment of acne scars. According to the comments available, Pur360 Tamanu Oil helps to lighten and even completely remove acne scarring.

The texture of my skin has changed, my pores seem smaller, and my scars are disappearing.

This pure, undiluted oil is a preferred option of the expensive, chemically developed medical formulas, aiming to reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of scars.

Here’s what Reddit u/Vikaroo shares:

However, we found that the medicine applying the product every day is not equally beneficial for everyone. A patient, who applied the Pur360 Tamanu Oil on her burn scar saw no effect of the treatment.

Read our Pur360 Tamanu Oil detailed review here.

Carrot seed oil

Carrot Seed Oil by Leven Rose Pure Unrefined Cold Pressed Moisturizer for...
1,052 Reviews
Carrot Seed Oil by Leven Rose Pure Unrefined Cold Pressed Moisturizer for...


  • Sebum secretion control
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Reduces toxins
  • Reduces the appearance of scars

This oil is an excellent care for skin repair after injuries as well as for scarring. Just like thea scar removal cream, it improves the skin’s tone, elasticity, and also removes fine wrinkles. Additionally, carrot seed oil is recommended for eczema, psoriasis, and for regulating sebum secretion.


It is rich in antioxidants that help the skin fight free radicals and improve its ability to regenerate after traumas. Carrot seed oil is often used to improve the skin tone and texture – it will make the existing scars less visible, while will also help recover the damaged skin.

Geranium Oil

US Organic 100% Pure Geranium Essential Oil - USDA Certified Organic, Steam...
23 Reviews
US Organic 100% Pure Geranium Essential Oil - USDA Certified Organic, Steam...


  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Boost skin regeneration

This is another great anti-scar oil helping the skin to recover from wounds and traumas. Thanks to geranium scar oil, the skin cells are revived, while the secretion of sebum is controlled.

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It also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent properties. The geranium oil also stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to reduce the retention of excess fluids and eliminates toxins. Significantly reduces the visibility of the scars, and if regularly applied, and helps them recover quickly.

Geranium oil has strong moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin, both of which are very important during the scar healing process.

Juniper oil

Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil (15 ml) - 100% Pure Undiluted...
Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil (15 ml) - 100% Pure Undiluted...


  • Strong antiseptic
  • Has a strong healing effect
  • Protects the skin from bacterial infections
  • An effective scar oil with anti-irritating properties

Juniper oil acts as a powerful detoxifying agent. It has a soothing effect on various skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. It is highly recommended for scarring as well as for cellulite treatment.

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Juniper will eliminate the redness and irritation, associated with scarring, while it will help the damaged area regenerate faster.

Rose Oil

100% Pure USDA Organic Essential Bulgarian Rose Oil (Real Rose Otto) -...
149 Reviews
100% Pure USDA Organic Essential Bulgarian Rose Oil (Real Rose Otto) -...


  • Proven healing properties
  • A soothing and calming effect
  • Promotes tissue healing

Rose essential oil is one of the most useful oils for the health and beauty of the skin. It improves its hydration, elasticity, blood circulation, as it has a toning effect on the blood vessels. Regular application of rose oil has a significant effect on the removal of scars and wrinkles.

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Rose scar removal oil is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – all of these promote the faster healing process. The moisturizing effect of rose oil is also crucial during the scar treatment process – keeping the affected area well-hydrated will promote skin cell renewal.

Specially formulated oil blends

Scar removal oil blends are combinations of different oils, providing healing effects on the damaged skin. We have chosen the scar treatment oil mixtures with the most positive feedback from patients with scars who successfully managed to erase the imperfections:


Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil
6,787 Reviews
Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil


  • Best-selling product for scar management
  • Contains essential oils and botanical extracts
  • Provides a deep moisturizing effect

Bio-Oil is a combination of various essential oils and botanical extracts. Such include rosemary oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, chamomile extract, calendula extract and many others (you can see the full ingredients list and their potential effects in our detailed review).

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Bio-Oil is an innovative formula you may find interesting. What makes it different than other scar medications is the rich, more natural content.

Below, you can read about the experience of Reddit u/bexbexbobex who successfully treated Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), and Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE):

The formula uses odorless mineral oil for a deep moisturizing effect and is enriched with vitamin E and vitamin A, proven to have beneficial effects on the skin.

An interesting fact is that most patients use this scar oil for the treatment of stretch marks (these are linear scar formations, caused by distension of the skin).

Many people claim to have experienced a positive effect of the treatment with Bio-Oil – the skin texture visibly improved, while stretch marks and scars started shrinking and lightening.

Most patients left very promising comments, regarding the effect of Bio-Oil. They also liked the scent of the oil.

Another important aspect, which should not be neglected, is the price factor. Bio-Oil has a significantly affordable price, compared to similar formulas.

We at SkinPractice recommend applying Bio Oil every day, twice a day (morning and evening) for a minimum of 3 months.

Unfortunately, we came across several disturbing comments saying that Bio-Oil caused negative skin reactions, this is why we recommend performing a patch test before the initial application:

Don’t use it on your face especially if you’re acne prone. Bought it to treat acne scars and it ended up breaking me out horribly and just making the situation worse.

Read our Bio-Oil detailed review here.

H-Scars Formula

#1 Scar Removal Alternative - Scar Healer, Keloid Cream, Regenerate Skin...
38 Reviews
#1 Scar Removal Alternative - Scar Healer, Keloid Cream, Regenerate Skin...


  • Effective for all types of scars
  • Smoothes and moisturizes the area affected
  • Non-irritating scar removal oil blend

This FDA-approved homeopathic scar removal oil is suitable for all kinds of scars. Keloids, atrophic and contracture scars can be easily treated by applying 2-3 drops directly to the affected areas three times a day.

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H-Scars is an essential oil blend, containing highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants. Such include Cymbopogon martinii aerial parts, Daucus carota seed, Helichrysum italicum, Lavandula officinalis, Salvia officinalis, and other plant extracts, providing a beneficial effect in the treatment of scars.

There are patients who managed to reduce their scars after applying the oil blend less often:

 Others that are older are a little slower but still the visibility and redness is going away. After a full month of using every night and some mornings, I am very pleased!

We recommend massaging the affected area until the oil blend is completely absorbed by the skin.

Unfortunately, there are multiple patients claiming that the anti-scar oil blend did not improve the condition of the damaged skin. Most of these comments are written by people using the formula for 3-4 weeks, which is a very short amount of time, having that some scars may require months to heal.

A lady who tried to eliminate a large keloid scar on the chest with injections and steroid cream with no success decided to try H-Scars formula, due to the natural non-irritating ingredients it contains:

I just want to say since day one I haven’t had any burning or itching,my keloid has flattened out and it looks like its getting smaller

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The best oils to apply on a scar
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The best oils to apply on a scar
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