Best skin lightening creams of 2020 [Clinically tested]

Skin lightening is becoming a routine procedure for many (both men and women) around the world. But do you know the exact effect of the ingredients your brightening cream contains? Are you sure your whitening cream will provide the effect you have always wanted to obtain? Find out which is the best skin lightening cream in this article.

What is the most effective skin lightening cream?

best skin whitening creams

Before you choose a product, promising to brighten your complexion, make sure you are familiar with all the benefits and potential risks. Knowing the difference between the popular bleaching products can do you a big favor, saving you both money and time!

Check our detailed reviews of the best skin lightening creams, serums and gels, available on the market!

Best Skin Lightening Creams

Divine Derriere Cream

Divine Derriere Cream
881 Reviews
Divine Derriere Cream


Bleaching cream offering a powerful combination of 2% Hydroquinone, 6% AHA Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid to erase dark spots and discolorations in less than 2 weeks! More even skin tone after the initial use!

The potent formula diminishes the appearance of dark spots, age spots, discolorations, freckles, and other imperfections, leaving the skin well hydrated long after the application of the product. This cream can be applied to all body parts. The containing ingredients are very potent, this is why it will do the lightening trick and many say it is among the best skin lightening creams on the market. Also, the reputation among people who tried it is very positive.

The best effect of this whitening cream can be observed after the first month of application, unlike similar creams that require months of regular use.

If you intend to use the whitening cream instead of a dark spot corrector, you need to focus on the dark marks and not smear it all over your face.

Tulip Natural Lightening Cream

Tulip Natural Cream
70 Reviews
Tulip Natural Cream


Whitening cream to deeply exfoliate the dead skin cells and contaminants, revealing brighter and more radiant skin. Best results for as little as 4 weeks!

Tulip Natural’s special blend for skin lightening is developed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, scars and other problems, leading to the uneven complexion. The brightening cream combines Retinol, Glycolic Acid, AHAs, all of these are proven to provide a visible whitening effect within less than a month. The cream works by eliminating the dead cells, accumulated dirt, and sebum, uncovering brighter, radiant skin and a more even skin tone.

Olay White Radiance Skin lightening Cream

Olay White Radiance
25 Reviews
Olay White Radiance


Bleaching cream for even complexion, offering constant protection from the UVA and UVB rays.

Bleaching cream that also protects your skin! Olay White Radiance is specially developed for brightening the skin complexion. The whitening cream provides a fast regenerating effect, due to the deeply moisturizing ingredients, available in it.

The SPF 24 protects the skin from the harmful UV radiation, reducing the chances of new pigment spot formations. This Olay product is fast-absorbing and suitable for everyday applications. The product maintains the optimal health of the epidermis during the entire period of application,

You can use this bleaching cream to replace your dark spot corrector – just apply on the dark mark and don’t spread it. The bleaching skin effect will be noticeable shortly after the initial use.

The intensive whitening cream is reported to provide the best skin benefits thanks to the potent hydrating and SPF ingredients in it.

South Beach Brightening Gel

SB Brightening Gel
63 Reviews
SB Brightening Gel


SB bleaching solution is suitable for all body areas and is often recommended by skin care professionals.

South Beach products are the manufacturer of dermatologically tested creams, intended for sensitive skin bleaching. As expected, this refers to anal, vaginal, breast, face and other areas where the skin is more tender and prone to irritations. This skin lightening cream is often used in professional salons, as it provides fast and visible results without damaging the skin surface. The gentle product does not contain potentially harmful, chemically-derived ingredients.


397 Reviews


Potent skincare product, containing no hydroquinone. Recommended for people with very sensitive skin

The skin brightening formula combines kojic and azelaic acids, proven to promote skin lightening. Kojic acid works by preventing the catecholase function of the tyrosinase enzyme (controlling the production of melanin). Azelaic acid, on the other hand, is naturally present in the skin, it fights acne, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation, while it won’t provoke adverse reactions. The mechanism of the above-mentioned acids is proven to reduce all types of discoloration, promoting a brighter-looking skin.

It can successfully replace a potent whitening cream, the only difference is the lighter consistency.

IMAGE Intense Serum

136 Reviews


Formulated with The Vectorize Technology™ to bring back the youthful appearance of your skin! Provides strong skin brightening properties

This is a brightening serum, aiming to reduce discoloration, following the natural aging process or excessive sun exposure. It also calms the irritated skin, leaving it soft and well moisturized. The serum uses citrus-based skin lightening agents (bioavailable vitamin C in particular) which makes it a safe and effective option even for people with reactive skin. The Vectorize Technology™ delivers a complex of encapsulated ingredients that are released up to 48h for a long-lasting, intense effect, preventing the aging process.

The lightening serum has the best reputation compared to similar formulas.

Botanic Hearth Whitening Serum

This skin bleaching serum can be used instead of a dark spot corrector or for overall skin bleaching. It provides a fast effect for fading acne scars and is proven safe for all skin types. Botanic Hearth Serum offers great results for the treatment of sun damage and dark spot removal.

Do whitening creams really work?

They do because whitening cream, gel, and serum blends usually contain very potent skin whitening agents that work by slowing down the production of melanin in the skin cells. The tricky part is that most skin brightening compounds are indeed aggressive, this is why you should look for a skin whitening product that is well tolerated by your skin type and contains no harmful chemicals, such as mercury etc.

Which cream is best for skin whitening without side effects?

There are plenty of skin brightening products that are absolutely safe for the skin. For instance, a whitening cream with all-natural ingredients will cause no adverse skin reactions.

When buying a whitening cream, we recommend seeking formulas, containing ingredients with a proven, yet safe bleaching effect

What is the best skin lightening cream for black skin?

A product, specially developed for sensitive skin type will provide the best skin brightening effect for darker skin tone. Because black skin is more prone to increased sensitivity, we recommend using sun protection during and after the application of lightening products.

You can easily find a whitening cream that combines both bleaching ingredients and SPF, just make sure the compounds in the formula chosen won’t provoke irritations, redness, and discomfort. We recommend avoiding hydroquinone, mercury and steroid based solutions.

Note that bleaching agents (all types of exfoliants, homemade recipes, and over-the-counter products) do not provide permanent effects. They do reduce the production of melanin (especially during the application period) but the cells are constantly being renewed, respectively, new melanin and melanin-producing cells are formed. As with most skincare products, you are more likely to obtain a longer-lasting effect when using high-quality products.


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