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Homemade deodorant recipes [Sweat and odor buster deodorant recipes]


An antibacterial homemade deodorant recipe is easy to prepare and use. It kills the bacterial growth, which is responsible for the awful smell that emits and leaves a fragrant smell. If you only use the base for odor removal, it will make way for the further smell. Therefore, it is necessary to add essential oils and fragrances to make the deodorant smell good. A homemade deodorant recipe can be...

Dealing with stretch marks [Natural ingredients and home remedies]


If you are one of those people who are not prone to stretch marks, consider yourself lucky! However, if you are like me you know very well how annoying they can be and how hopeless one feels when wanting to know how to get rid of them. According to American Academy of Dermatology, 90% of women acquire them during pregnancy. They are not physically painful although they can itch when forming but...

Best at-home facial steamer 2018


As you may already know, the benefits of face steaming are numerous – your pores will unclog, the accumulated dirt will be easily removed, the skin surface will be moisturized and regenerated etc. Some time ago, such procedures could only be performed in beauty salons, by professional aestheticians. Now, you can easily take care of your beautiful self at home – without spending lots...

Stretch marks FAQ


Why do stretch marks form? Stretch marks are visible scars on the skin, the appearance of which is usually caused by hormonal changes in the body that marks the woman’s like – puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Men can also get such scars – usually, the reasons are related to fast weight changes or bodybuilding. Striae do not pose health risks but have a negative impact on our...

Are stretch marks permanent or reversible?


There is no dermatologist who has not heard the following question in his practice: “Can I remove my stretch marks?” Stretch marks are more of a skin condition, but they provoke a lot of discomfort for people, not to mention how often they can be observed in both men and women. Generally, they predominate among females. They usually appear during pregnancy due to excessive stretching...

Why do we get stretch marks?


Why do stretch marks occur on the body? When it comes to stretch marks,  we are all potentially threatened. Stretch marks are atrophic scars, characterized by lack of elastic fibers. It is estimated that stretch marks prevalence ranges from 50 to 80%. Initially, when they are at an early stage of their development, they have a pink or purple color that fades to silver or white over time. The main...

The Original 3-in-1 Steamer By Krasr ®


 Nano-Ionic Mist Facial With Free Kit This 3-in-1 Steamer By Krasr ® is one of the most wanted products when it comes to steaming facial. But does this make it the most effective one? In the following article, we will try to find out why are there so many customers who have chosen this exact steamer – what are its’ positive aspects and downsides, what are the potential effects of...

Portable Mini Facial Steamer by Silver Fox


 Ozone & Aromatherapy This smaller version of the professional salon steamers may be a very suitable option for those, who are trying to obtain results, similar to those in beauty studios. It provides both aromatherapy and steam option and the device can be easily carried wherever you’d like. The compact design makes it a preferable option, as it doesn’t require much space...

Hand cream recipes [Moisturize And Nourish The Skin]


Hand cream is easily made at home. Most of them involve the use of beeswax as it is one of the best natural ingredients that lock in the moisture and protect the skin of the hands from drying and damage. Before using a cream, you should use a hand scrub in order to remove the dead skin cells and open up the pores so that the cream can penetrate better and deeper. Start with this recipe: Apricot...

Benefits of full body massage [From head to toe]


Full body massage can produce multiple benefits for your health. These benefits go far beyond an hour spent in relaxing quietly, escaping the day. An increasing amount of evidence indicates that stress and tension form the root causes of many diseases and illnesses. Hence, if you able to find ways to alleviate or relieve your stress, you are preventing health problems from emerging or becoming...

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