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Top-rated over-the-counter wart treatments

Warts or verrucas occur when a human papillomavirus (HPV) has entered our body. They are an unpleasant cosmetic problem that can negatively affect your self-esteem.
They usually affect the hands and feet but can also spread throughout the body.

There are various cures for warts you can purchase in order to get rid of the annoying problem but you should have in mind that these treatments can take up to 3 months, they may irritate your skin and don’t always work.

Usually, wart treatments are designed to irritate the skin and get the body’s own infection-fighting cells to clear warts. So, after thorough research on the Web, here’s a list of the best wart remover treatments you can purchase in order to cure your problem as fast as possible (the products listed are the highest ranked and best-selling ones).

#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...
Best Seller
Bazuka Extra Strength 6G
Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...
#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...
Bazuka Extra Strength 6G
Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...
267 Reviews
304 Reviews
471 Reviews
#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...
#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...
267 Reviews
Best Seller
Bazuka Extra Strength 6G
Bazuka Extra Strength 6G
304 Reviews
Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...
Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...
471 Reviews

Compound W

Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...
471 Reviews
Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System | Maximum Strength Complete Wart...


  • 1 Dermatologist & Pharmacist Recommended Brand
  • The First Wart Treatment with a Boosting Gel
  • Treats the Toughest Warts

Compound W is currently one of the most purchased brands for the treatment of warts available on the market. Hundreds of people share their experience with this formula, most of them say they are satisfied with the results obtained.

This is a dermatologist and pharmacist recommended product line, formulated, according to the type of warts you would like to remove, this is why is considered the best otc wart remover so far.

Compound W products are available in liquid, gel, waterproof and self-adhesive pads, and strips form. The product line is effective even on the most stubborn warts. The different formulas are suitable for different sized common and plantar warts, all of them are easy to use and do not require prolonged treatment.

The products should be applied directly to the affected area (each wart should be covered) once or twice daily as needed. Most of those who tried the best wart removal brand, Compound W, say that the visible effect of the treatment can be observed almost immediately, while the complete wart removal may take up to 2-4 weeks.

There are many positive comments regarding the effect of Compound W treatment – people even share they have successfully eliminated warts that did not respond to any previous treatment.

Compound W wart removal

Sadly, not everyone managed to remove wart formations in a short period of time. There are people who needed much longer than 12 weeks until the skin healed completely.

To give an example, a woman needed almost 6 months of application for the complete treatment of plantar warts. She applied Compound W twice a day, didn’t experience any pain or discomfort during her treatment but, still, it lasted longer than she expected. She needed a total of 3 tubes (>$30) but did completely eliminate the problem:

Plantar warts removal

Another positive aspect of Compound W product line is that it won’t cost you that much. Compared to similar treatment options, aiming to become the best wart removal products, Compound W is significantly cheaper, especially if compared to dermatologist appointments.

Keep in mind that most products, aiming to eliminate warts may provoke burning and stinging sensation. During the treatment period, you may experience discomfort, as the main target of such products is to dissolve any wart formations, which can sometimes irritate the healthy skin.

Please note that Compound W product line is not suitable for the treatment of genital warts!

Pristine Herbal Wart Mole Vanish

Pristine Herbal - All Natural Mole and Skin Tag Remover. (Fast Results, 20...
45 Reviews
Pristine Herbal - All Natural Mole and Skin Tag Remover. (Fast Results, 20...


  • Just ONE 20-Minute Single Application - Removes 2-5 Large Growths or 5-25 Smaller Ones
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE MOLE AND SKIN TAG REMOVAL - One 20 minute application is normal in most...
  • 100% ALL NATURAL, SAFE - natural with ingredients derived from plant based sources. Works with all...

As science grows, multiple modern, highly effective means for the removal of wars are now available. Wart Mole Vanish is an example of such warts treatment methods. What makes this formula unique and competitive is the almost immediate effect it provides, this is why we added it to our best wart removal product list.

You will only need one 20-minute application and no additional treatment will be needed. Wart Mole Vanish has a proven effect on the removal of common warts, genital warts, mosaic warts, plantar foot warts, and hand warts.

The product is sufficient for 2-5 growths (1/4″ or 5mm) or 5-25 smaller ones (1/16″ or 2mm). People who tried this proprietary blend of anti-wart compounds shared their positive experience.

Warts removal

Multiple customers say the product has a similar effect as the professional wart freezing, performed by dermatologists, but it is a significantly cheaper option.

Works about the same as going to a dermatologist and having your moles frozen off, and maybe even better.

Eliminate warts

Note that all the ingredients available in this formula are natural. They include:

  • Cashew Plant (Anacardium occidentale) – has a high mineral content; works as an antioxidant; rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous
  • Fig Plant (Ficus Carica) – a traditional, proven effective [1] method for the treatment of common warts
  • Greater Celandine Plant (Chelidonium Majus) – the milk sap derived from the plant has corrosive properties, proven to dissolve warts
  • Lemon (Citrus Limon) – reduces and prevents pigmentation and dark spots; may cause irritation and burning sensation when applied topically
  • Deionized Water (maximizes the shelf life of the products and also minimizes contaminants in the water)
  • Talc – keeps the skin dry, helping to prevent rashes

When applied topically, the product provokes a burning sensation, which may be unpleasant for some patients. This is an aspect you should take into account before proceeding to a purchase, as there are people who experienced severe skin irritations, including burning, excessive dryness or/and flaking.

Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover

Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover, 7 Treatments
1129 Reviews
Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover, 7 Treatments


  • #1 Freeze Away Wart Remover (based on 52 Week IRI data)
  • Doctor-proven method
  • Removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment (for common warts under 5mm)

Dr. Scholl’s warts treatment is another option, which enjoys great popularity. According to the description available, this treatment is suitable for both common and plantar warts, it may be used on children 4 years old and above. Many consider it the best plantar wart remover available on the market. The product has a proven effect on the removal of warts (based on 52-week research).

  • How to use Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away wart remover?
    There are only 3 simple steps you need to follow:

    • Screw tip into the can
    • Push can into the blue activator
    • Freeze the wart formation

Often, a single treatment is perfectly enough for the complete removal of the wart, as the freezing effect of liquid nitrogen is strong. This therapy is very similar to the one, performed by dermatologists. So far, liquid nitrogen is proven to be  the best wart removal technique. It is important to strictly follow the application requirements in order to accomplish the desired results.

  • How often should I use Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away?

You can use Dr. Scholl’s best wart remover until you successfully eliminate all wart formations on the skin. However, if irritation, severe burning sensation or redness occurs, we highly recommend discontinuing the application of the product.

There are comments telling that the product works depending on the type of warts you have – it is less effective on bigger warts:

The wart was somewhat large, so I would expect it to have least gotten a little smaller.

Unfortunately, the overall performance of Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover is not very promising. Multiple customers did not notice any effect of their treatment, even after prolonged application.

Wart Stick Max Strength Wart Remover

Wart Stick Max Strength Wart Remover, 0.2 Ounce
687 Reviews
Wart Stick Max Strength Wart Remover, 0.2 Ounce


  • Solid Stick Wart Remover - Goes on Dry
  • Painless & Odorless, Easy to Use
  • Maximum Strength, Fast Acting

The active ingredient in the product is salicylic acid 40%. Salicylic acid is an exfoliating (peeling) agent causing shedding of the outer layer of skin. Negative effects of the application of Salicylic Acid-based products include skin irritation and excessive dryness. The inactive ingredients in this product include castor oil and chlorobutanol in a waxy base.

Customer reviews inform that this wart remover is very easy to use and is very effective in the treatment of common and plantar warts. It seems that this product works faster than freezing kits, according to multiple reviews written by people who tried it.

As one of the best plantar wart remover options, due to the fast and visible effect at an affordable price, it is often the budget-friendly option for patients, affected by plantar warts, which tend to appear in clusters.

Negative reviews claiming that this wart remover is not effective also include that the product provokes skin reactions, including irritation and excessive dryness.

BazukanExtra Strength 6G

Bazuka Extra Strength 6G
304 Reviews
Bazuka Extra Strength 6G


  • Bazuka
  • Health and Beauty

The gel is developed to remove verrucas, warts, corns, and even calluses. Bazuka Extra Strenght is one of the highest rated available online and according to more than 80% of the comments –very effective as well.

This is a  Salicylic Acid – based product (26%). The inactive ingredients include Camphor, Povidone, Pyroxylin, Ethanol, Acetone, and Isopropyl alcohol, aiming to eliminate all types of warts while preventing further infections.

The thin nozzle, attached to the tube makes this formula easy to apply. It has no negative reviews which made us place the formula among the best over the counter wart remover methods.

bazuka warts treatment

Some customers inform that their warts have completely disappeared after a few days, for others it took longer:

„Not as fast acting as stated other reviews, but definitely working. I’m glad that I bought 2 tubes.”

Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid

Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid Wart Remover - 1/3 Oz
575 Reviews
Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid Wart Remover - 1/3 Oz


  • Safe and reliable removal of common and plantar warts.
  • Cover-up discs protect warts as they heal.
  • For removal of common and plantar warts.

This wart remover is created for both common and plantar warts management. It has nice reviews on the Internet claiming that it is very effective for warts removal:

Product works as advertised. Took about 2 weeks of every day use to get the job done but did what it was supposed to do.

However, there are lots of negative reviews as well. According to many who tried the Duofilm wart remover, the effect is almost unnoticeable: it will temporarily turn the skin white, creating a hard shell-like coverage but the wart will remain existent.

Most of the customers who are not satisfied with the product inform that after its’ topical application, the sizes of the warts were dramatically reduced but the warts are still there. If yours are smaller, however, or almost unnoticeable, the method might work for you.

The price is comparatively cheap, you can even get 2 products for less than $17.


#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...
267 Reviews
#1 Wart Removal Alternative, 11ml - 90 Day Guarantee - Natural Ingredients,...


  • NATURAL WART REMOVER ALTERNATIVE - Get rid of warts at home with this BREAKTHROUGH Wart Remover
  • NO harsh medicine, no acids, freezing or burning remedies. Only pure natural ingredients. NO...
  • Safe for PLANTAR wart treatment, warts on hands, fingers, feet, warts on face, flat warts and common...

This wart removal alternative works for all types of warts, anywhere on the body, including plantar warts and warts on the feet, this is why it exists on our best wart remover list.

The most important feature of this formula is that it uses all natural ingredients, it contains no chemically-derived ingredients, acids or freezing agents, which makes H-Warts a preferred product for many. Usually, harsh formulas leave the skin irritated and they may even cause permanent scarring on the skin.

The active ingredients in H-Warts include Phytolacca decandra 12C and
Thuja occidentalis 12C. H-Warts can be easily applied to the area affected, it is a concentrated formula, so each application will require just a couple drops.

What is more, if you purchase this product, you get a 90-day guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your results, you can get your money back.

One of the top comments says that the product works even on facial (flat) warts. Customer reviews also inform that the product is worth the cost (it is a bit pricey) because it is super effective and heals the warts way faster than similar products do.

Lots of customers shared pictures showing the results of their treatment. It is easily noticeable that their improvements are really impressive and this is the real efficacy verification of this wart treatment method:

h-warts remover

effect H-warts

A downside about this treatment is its’ smell. Too strong and unpleasant, according to customer comments.

Which is the best product to freeze off warts?

Usually, all product aiming to freeze off the wars have a very fast effect; such treatment does not cause too much collateral damage. However, sometimes a single treatment is not enough (especially for bigger wart formations).

Still, our thorough analysis concluded that wart freezing methods are customers’ most preferred treatment options, therefore the best over-the-counter wart remover is a liquid nitrogen-based.

Among the multiple products, developed for the freezing of warts,  the following formulas have better reputations, according to those who used them:

What is a natural wart remover?

Although there are no universal wart treatments at home, different methods, their combination, and especially their impact on the individual’s body can lead to the desired results. Here are some of the most recommended, best wart removal methods for dealing with these annoying skin growths with natural ingredients at home:

When it comes to home remedies for warts, additional herbal treatment should not be neglected; it is recommended that morning and evening care should include tinctures of marigold. As a combination to this, it is also good to consume echinacea, burdock or meadow clover tea.

Among the most effective natural methods for at-home wart removal are the topical application of lemon juice or crushed garlic.

Another method is chopping some onion and covering it with salt. The mixture should be applied on the affected area during the night. This technique is proven effective, however, it may take weeks until you start seeing results.

Apple cider vinegar [3] is often considered the best at-home wart removal. This method is performed by preparing a compress that is placed on the warts in the evening and left for the night.

What are the best products for flat warts removal?

Flat warts are brownish or discolored skin formations that can be seen anywhere on the body, but most often on the face and the back of the hands. They tend to spread rapidly in the area affected and are often multiple.

We do not recommend treating flat warts with home remedies, as they usually have strong acidic content and may easily irritate the gentle, easily irritatable facial skin.

Here are the best wart remover options, specially developed for the treatment of flat warts, they provide a mild effect, won’t cause skin breakouts and can be easily applied to the skin:

How to get rid of plantar warts fast?

For the treatment of plantar warts, you can use more corrosive ingredients (the strongest wart removers), as the skin on your soles contains the thickest layers of skin on the body due to the weight that is continually placed on it.

Liquid nitrogen and salicylic acid-based products are often the best wart removal ingredients for plantar warts.

Many customers had positive results using the following treatment methods:

How to use wart remover?

It depends on the type of product you have chosen. Wart removers come in various forms: gels, liquid substances, strips, pads, discs, cushions pens etc.

The main idea is to get the wart entirely covered with the product purchased. You can use additional bandaids or even duct tape so that the product is placed directly on the wart.

It is very important to carefully apply the product in order to avoid causing damage to the healthy skin, surrounding the wart.

Which is the best wart remover for fingers or hands?

The most effective treatment for warts on the fingers are the methods, including pads, discs, and strips – they are adhesive, usually water-proof and can be successfully placed directly on the verrucas. The best wart removal product will constantly stick to the skin surface while healing the verrucas until you remove the adhesive product, therefore you might consider your skin type first (e.g. if your skin is more oily, the adhesive could easily fall off).

Flat papules on the dorsum of the left hand corresponding to flat warts

How to get rid of big warts?

For the treatment of big warts, we’d suggest seeing a dermatologist, as the area affected is bigger and the common treatment methods are shown to be less effective.

Your dermatologist will typically perform a wart removal surgery. Such procedure is performed in order to cut/freeze away the wart formations.

Unfortunately, the procedure is likely to cause pain and discomfort and permanent scarring may occur as a consequence of the intervention but it still remains the best wart removal technique when it comes to bigger-sized formations.

What are the most effective methods for the removal of warts at home?

You can choose between the various products with proven efficacy in the wart removal. Some of them are all natural, they will provide slower results, while others are chemically-derived and the effect can be observed almost immediately after the aplication:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Garlic
  • Vinegar
  • Banana Peel
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cantharidin
  • Silver Nitrate
  • Bleomycin
  • Aspirin
  • Duct tape
  • Tagamet
  • Fig

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effect of Salicylic Acid on warts?

Salicylic acid – one of the simple and affordable cures, the positive effects of which are recognized by the official and folk medicine.
Its name was given by the Latin name of a willow bark – Salix L. It was first derived from it. Then a famous German chemist succeeded in synthesizing it in a simple and cost-effective way, which is still used today.

It is a well known anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive agent. It has the astonishing ability to inhibit sebum secretion from the pores. Along with the antimycotic properties it possesses, Salicylic acid is extremely valuable to the needs of medicine and cosmetology.

For the treatment of warts, the affected area should be treated with salicylic acid, which remains on the site for at least 24 hours without the skin being washed. Salicylic acid is a corrosive, acid-based solution, used to soften the abnormal skin growths and dissolve them.

The procedure should be done daily to achieve results. In case of severe painful sensations, terminate the application.

How does Salicylic Acid work on warts?

Before applying salicylic acid on the wart, you should first soak the are in water for a couple of minutes. This will help the acid penetrate deeply into the skin. Most people even apply duct tape on the area, so that they can both adhere onto the skin. The treatment with salicylic acid may last longer than several weeks, but the method has a proven effect[2] in the removal of warts.

Is Salicylic Acid good for warts on the face?

This method is proven safe and effective for all types of warts, including the facial ones. Various solutions for warts treatment, available on the market, use exactly SA for the treatment of facial warts.

Salicylic acid should be applied once daily until the wart formations are completely eliminated. This is usually the first-line treatment for facial warts.

How long does Salicylic Acid take to work on warts?

Salicylic acid treatment requires a prolonged application. It may take several weeks before you start seeing any results and two to three months before the whole wart is removed. So, you will need to be both patient and persistent in order to obtain the desired effect.

Where to buy Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid-based wart treatment options are available on the market. You can choose between various formulations – creams, gels, ointments etc. You can purchase such products Online or from your local pharmacy store. Salicylic acid products are not considered prescription medicines.

Does using a wart remover hurt?

It depends on one’s pain tolerance – some people report experience pain and discomfort during the entire treatment period, while others have no complaints at all.

The wart removers available online or in pharmacies are intended for at-home treatment of warts, so they won’t provoke severe painful sensation. However, you shouldn’t expect a pleasant experience, as the main idea behind wart treatment is the destruction of the tissue affected by the abnormal skin growths.

Can wart remover be used on age spots, skin tags, moles, blisters, corns, calluses, cysts, and keloids?

We added this particular question, as many people are using wart removers for various, not-wart-related purposes. We do not recommend using wart remover on the above-mentioned skin conditions. The reason is that they become severely aggravated and permanent damage may be caused to the already unhealthy tissue.

For instance, many people are applying such formulas on keloid scar formations (hard growths that can form when scar tissue grows excessively. above the skin surface), which will only cause additional damage to the affected skin.

Where to buy wart remover?

You have plenty options – wart removers can be easily purchased online or from your local drugstore. Such products are usually available at hypermarkets, such as Walmart, Carrefour, Walgreens, Target and the like.

Can I use wart remover on my dog?

Yes, but we’d suggest visiting a veterinary first, as sometimes warts resemble other skin conditions and you may not provide the proper treatment for your pet. There are multiple products, specially developed for dogs wart removal, check the options below:

Best Seller
Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment 15mL
GOOD KARMA NATURALS All Natural Wart Remover for Dogs (1 oz) with Brush Cap...
Pet Relief Natural Wart Remover Dogs, Dogs Warts Removal Treatment,! 30ml...
Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment 15mL
GOOD KARMA NATURALS All Natural Wart Remover for Dogs (1 oz) with Brush Cap...
Pet Relief Natural Wart Remover Dogs, Dogs Warts Removal Treatment,! 30ml...
467 Reviews
37 Reviews
11 Reviews
Best Seller
Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment 15mL
Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment 15mL
467 Reviews
GOOD KARMA NATURALS All Natural Wart Remover for Dogs (1 oz) with Brush Cap...
GOOD KARMA NATURALS All Natural Wart Remover for Dogs (1 oz) with Brush Cap...
37 Reviews
Pet Relief Natural Wart Remover Dogs, Dogs Warts Removal Treatment,! 30ml...
Pet Relief Natural Wart Remover Dogs, Dogs Warts Removal Treatment,! 30ml...
11 Reviews

What is a wart remover with Liquid Nitrogen?

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen [4] is perhaps one of the most effective and safe methods. For example, in surgical intervention, healthy areas of the skin can be damaged, whereas nitrogen has an effect only on affected areas of the skin.

Here’s how the procedure is performed:

Is it safe to use wart removers during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Most wart treatment options can be safely used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, you should carefully check the product list before using a particular product. It is usually indicated in case the substance is not recommended for expectant or nursing women.

In case you prefer using a home remedy, we strongly recommend applying it to a small portion of the product chosen on your skin for a limited amount of time. This way you can avoid potential skin reactions.

Are wart removers safe for children?

Most wart removers are absolutely safe for children, aged 4 and above. Even cryotherapy can be safely performed on children’s skin. Please, carefully read the safety instructions before using a wart treatment on your child.


test allergic reaction behind ear

Everyone's skin is unique, and even if you have chosen the best product for your skin condition, the containing ingredients may still cause some irritation, burning sensation, rash or allergy.

To avoid potential skin reactions, we highly recommend performing a patch test before using the product (you can download printable PDF version here)


  1. Comparative study of fig tree efficacy in the treatment of common warts (Verruca vulgaris) vs. cryotherapy
  2. Salicylic Acid Topical
  3. Vinegar: Medicinal Uses and Antiglycemic Effect
  4. Topical treatments for cutaneous warts
The best Wart Remover [Complete Wart Removal Guide]
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The best Wart Remover [Complete Wart Removal Guide]
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