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Lubriderm Lotion For Sensitive Skin [Why users like it?]


 Lubriderm products are among the best-selling ones and the reasons why are very obvious: The product is one of the most affordable It has excellent performance and users are indeed satisfied with their results The Lubriderm Lotion for Sensitive Skin is clinically proven to provide hydration to the skin for 24hours after application. The product contains Dimethicone (an ingredient preventing...

Best skin lightening creams of 2020 [Clinically tested]

best skin whitening cream

Skin lightening is becoming a routine procedure for many (both men and women) around the world. But do you know the exact effect of the ingredients your brightening cream contains? Are you sure your whitening cream will provide the effect you have always wanted to obtain? Find out which is the best skin lightening cream in this article. What is the most effective skin lightening cream? Before you...

How to perform a patch test before using a new skincare device [Guide]


The non-invasive cosmetic devices are considered generally safe. Such products rarely pose potential risks for damaging your skin but while technologies keep developing, beauty devices, intended for home fix are becoming both faster and stronger. This is why such a device may not be suitable for your skin, if it may get easily irritated, due to increased sensitivity. – The test for...

Trophy Skin Microderm MD [An independent review]


 Trophy Skin MicrodermMD is a home device for the removal of dull and dead skin cells, providing diamond exfoliation and gentle suction while promoting skin regeneration. This is just an abstract of the product description, which is getting more and more attention from people trying to find the magic formula for a perfect skin. How is this system working and is it really that...

Aquaphilic Ointment For Dry Skin


 This formula is designed for the fix of excessively dry skin and appears to be suitable for application on all body parts. The ointment is thick in consistency, odorless, non-staining, and non-irritating. The product is non-greasy and customers say it does not leave a residue. Each jar contains 16 oz (500ml) ointment, formulated with only a few ingredients, aiming to moisturize and...

Neutrogena Moisturizer [Will it improve your skin issue?]


 This Neutrogena Oil-free product is specially designed for sensitive skin management. This water-based formula is said to soften and moisturize the skin. The basic hydrating ingredients are Dimethicone (an ingredient preventing water loss by forming a hydrating barrier on the skin; it is widely used in cosmetics due to its beneficial properties when applied to the skin) and Petrolatum (an...

How To Perform a Patch Test Before Using a New Skincare Product [Guide]


Every skin care formula may contain ingredients that can cause allergies and irritation to your skin. That is why we recommend patch testing every product that you buy, no matter how good the reviews. Here is our guide on how to test and safely use skin care products. The test for potential allergic reactions should be performed in the area behind the ear.     The test for potential...

Puriya Cream Review [Dry, irritated skin relief]


< Advanced Scar Supervision – 50g< Advanced Scar Supervision – 50g Powerful 13-in-1 Natural Formula Puriya provides instant and lasting relief for severely dry, cracked, itchy, or irritated skin. This is what the manufacturer says. Read our review to see if it really works. Puriya line products are marketed for use with a wide range of dermatological conditions, including...

21 Effective Recipes for Uneven Skin Tone (And lifestyle tips)

Skin beauty

What is Uneven skin tone? Whether you are young or old, a man or a woman, everybody wants to have a skincare and good looking skin and a fresh appearance. Uneven skin tan may be the result of various effects, infections or systemic illnesses. Often, the cause of uneven skin tone is a condition called hyperpigmentation, which is actually overproduction of melanin. Melanin pigment is responsible...

Puriderma Scar Cream [Fastest scar solution]


With more than 1000 reviews, most of which extremely positive, Puriderma scar cream managed to earn a noble position among the best scar removal creams. The formula is developed to help lighten and fade the appearance of topical scars and other skin discolorations, as a result of acne, cuts, stretch marks, c-sections, and surgeries. Puriderma cream contains various herbal extracts, aiming to...

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