How to perform a patch test before using a new skincare device [Guide]

beauty device procedureThe non-invasive cosmetic devices are considered generally safe.

Such products rarely pose potential risks for damaging your skin but while technologies keep developing, beauty devices, intended for home fix are becoming both faster and stronger.

This is why such a device may not be suitable for your skin, if it may get easily irritated, due to increased sensitivity.

– The test for potential skin irritation requires testing the device in a particular area, where your skin is most sensitive.
– The test for potential acne breakouts needs to be performed on an acne-prone area.

How to properly use beauty devices

  1. Sterilize all the units, which you intend to apply to the skin (brushes, rollers, heads etc.) every time before the procedure
  2. Wash your skin and pat dry
  3. Never apply excessive pressure, while using your device, as this may damage your skin integrity
  4. Never apply the device to open wounds, irritated skin, or severe acne breakouts
  5. Avoid treating the areas near the eyes and the mouth
  6. Discontinue use in case irritation, redness, burning or other skin reaction occurs

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How to perform a patch test before using a new skincare device
Article Name
How to perform a patch test before using a new skincare device
How to properly perform a patch test before the initial use of a skin care device, avoiding potential skin damage
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