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DIY Canker Sore Treatments [Remedies to reduce the healing time]

How to get rid of a canker sore overnight?

You might have heard about the effect of certain home remedies on the mucous membrane’ health. But you need something that will work fast and eliminate the annoying canker sores, so the important question is How to get rid of a canker sore overnight? The ingredients listed below are proven to have a great impact on most mucosal infections. Compared to canker sore medicines, they have a...

Easy homemade masks with lightening effect

face masks with lightening effect

Homemade bleaching masks are the cheaper alternative to the skin lightening creams, you can find over-the-counter. The following DIY recipes are applied to slightly expressed pigment spots, freckles or uneven facial complexion. It is recommended to perform your skin lightening procedure once a week for at least a month before you start seeing results. The bleaching mask mixture is prepared inF a...

Potent essential oils to fight cellulite

Anti-cellulite oils

Anti-cellulite products (gels, creams, ointments, etc) have one thing in common. They all contain essential oils, even the most expensive ones. This is why you can easily perform your cellulite reduction sessions at home, at a more affordable price. Essential oils are proven to improve blood circulation, they nourish and moisturize the dimpled skin, providing healthy compounds and vitamins to...

Anti-cellulite diet


Cellulite is the accumulation of fat cells, forming deposits just beneath the surface of the skin. In these fatty formations, water accumulates, which leads to further wrinkling of the skin. Cellulite is more common in women than in men. According to an evidence-based review, 80-90% of post-pubertal women get affected by cellulite. This is due to the higher estrogen levels, which lead to the...

Rice facial masks [Beauty secrets of the ancient geishas]


The more colorful and expensive the kimono,  the thinner the lips and the whiter the face, the more beautiful and desired the geisha. This understanding exists in the Japanese culture from the 18th century when women get the privilege to entertain the Emperor. This is when they began to practice the geisha profession. To keep their skin healthy, despite the pink and white foundation layers she...

Face exercise [Grimace your way to a more toned skin]


It is no wonder face exercise has gained such success recently. Although it’s been around a while, it has only been recently that it proved to be one of the best natural skin care tactics for healthier, evenly toned skin. The reason it is so popular is simple: it can be done anywhere, anytime, and at absolutely no investment – except a bit of your time every day. No creams, and no...

Removing age spots [10 Natural remedies]


Removing age spots is mostly performed due to aesthetic reasons than any other reason. Age spots might be unsightly but they are pretty harmless. Preventing age spots by using lots of high-quality sunblocks and staying away from the sun is the best way to make sure they do not appear at all. But, once they do appear, removing age spots can be done by using natural ingredients that make excellent...

How to Remove Red Spots on Face


Problems with red spots on face most likely root from acne or pimple problems. In turn, pimples are caused by non-exfoliated skin cells, excessive sebum production, and bacteria. When the dead skin on your face isn’t shedding as it should, your pores will get clogged and trap bacteria. From there, they’ll mix with your sebum and multiply exponentially into a nasty cocktail of skin...

Ingrown hair prevention and remedies

Ingrown hair treatment

Stop the ingrown hair before it appears Ingrown hair prevention tips come in handy considering that women and men occasionally suffer from ingrown hair problem. In men, facial ingrown hair is also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. It is a result of a hair that has been cut off by a razor, and curls back into the skin creating a little bump or “razor burn”. It is more common in...

Lip care [Tips and recipes that leave your lips soft and kissable]


Normally, lip care is pretty effortless. We take care of our teeth, apply lip balm or lipstick and we are good to go. But, there are times when our attention shifts, usually when we realize we feel pain or find an inflammation of some kind on our lips. There are a couple of things about lips you should know in order to get the best lip care you can. Similar to body care basics, the first rule...

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