What does the microdermabrasion treat?


OK, you have already heard about the microdermabrasion effect on the skin – it provides a deep exfoliating effect, stimulating the epidermis to foster new cell growth, which will give you a fresher and smoother complexion and so on. But does it really provide the above-mentioned effect or is it just another scam? Well, we want to give you precise information regarding the results you can...

Skin aging – Causes, Signs & Prevention

Skin Aging

What is Skin Aging? Skin aging of is a process which leads to loss of elasticity of the skin accompanied by the appearance of wrinkles. Premature skin aging of the face can be due to genetic disorders, severe burns, excessive exposure to the sun [5], dehydration [6], stress [7], accumulation of toxins [8] in the body, diseases of the nervous system [9],, hereditary diseases [10], drastic...

Cellulite – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment


What is cellulite? The word cellulite in modern cosmetology is a term defining a skin condition in which the structure of the skin is distorted due to an uneven accumulation of subcutaneous fat and circulatory problems. Unlike cosmetology, medical cellulite is a different condition associated with potentially serious infection affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue. These fat deposits forming...

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