Moisturizer recipes for dry and oily skin


There is a rule when it comes to the use of a homemade moisturizer (body lotion): Always use it after you take a shower, especially if you have used a body scrub. The pores are open then and ready to soak in all the goodies that come in it. Depending on the skin type, similar to face care, different essential oils are used. Dry skin is best treated with rich oils such as sesame or olive oil...

Natural, homemade foot care recipes


Before I introduce you to some of my favorite foot care recipes, here’s a fun fact: an average person will have walked 115,000 miles in their lifetime. That is a lot! With all those miles, our feet suffer a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. It is worth spending some time in preparation of natural, homemade foot care recipes during the winter so the summers can be spent in...

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